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Best Holiday Gifts for Golfers 2018

The holidays are approaching. You want to select the best golf gifts that won’t break the bank and want to make sure your gift is going to be a hit. Unfortunately, the choices when it comes to golf products are endless. Luckily, Frogger Golf makes essential products that are sure to win the hearts of all different types of golfers. Whether it’s training aids and golf bags, or brushes and towels to keep those new clubs clean, we have the best premium golf gifts for every golfer at reasonable prices. Win the holidays this year and get the golfer you know excited about the game with these sure-fire favorites from Frogger Golf:

For the golfer who just got new clubs (or needs to take better care of theirs):

Amphibian Towel:

This is one of the award-winning products that started it all for Frogger. Keeping your clubs clean on the golf course ensures a better golf experience every time. This premier wet and dry golf towel has two uses in one. Wet the inside with water for all golf course cleaning needs, and while the inside stays wet, the outside stays dry! This allows golfers to clean all necessary equipment without having to carry two towels, or get their equipment wet. Made from premium materials this towel will last longer and look better on golf bags than anything the golfer in your life might steal from the clubhouse bathroom.

BrushPro Latch-It:

What else is there to say about this product except that it’s the absolute best golf brush ever created. Every golfer needs a brush to keep their clubs clean throughout the round. In fact, it might just be the most essential piece of equipment a golfer can own besides the obvious. BrushPro’s magnetic attachment system has completely revolutionized the way golf brushes attach to bags with Latch-It. This supremely convenient system is taking the golf world by storm and was awarded Best New Product at the PGA Merchandise show in 2017.

Function Hybrid Stand Bag:

Every golfer needs a bag. It might be easy to look at the Frogger Function Hybrid Stand Bag and say that it’s the same as every other golf bag out there. There has been little innovation with golf bags since adding legs to make them stand on their own. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon the golf bag that was just rated #1 in storage by MyGolfSpy for 2018 thanks to Latch-It, the built-in accessory attachment system. Now golfers can attach and detach their favorite towels, brushes, phones, rangefinders, and more right to the side of their bag for easy access and convenience on the golf course. Including a built-in security system to make sure nothing gets lost, Latch-It gives golfers a superior experience on the course like they’ve never had before.

For the golfer that wants to improve their game:

Arc-Angel Training Aid:

Learn a perfect putting stroke from the comfort of your home, office, or golf course. All that’s needed for the Arc-Angel Training Aid to be set up is another golf club or graphite alignment stick. Simply set it up and swing with your putter along the designated path to unlock the science of the perfect putting stroke. If you know someone looking to get better at golf, this tool is an absolute must-have.

Swing Hero Training Aid:

Most golfers grip their clubs way too tight, leading to a weaker grip at impact and loss of distance. Swing Hero’s hand guard teaches a proper grip and allows golfers to swing confidently with the lightest of grips for longer more accurate shots. Free up your swing and allow those expensive golf clubs to do their job!

Rangefinder Latch-It:

This game-changing product allows rangefinders to be attached right to the side of your golf cart. Dial in the distance and fire at the pin while keeping rangefinders securely stored so you never worry about misplacing, dropping or losing a rangefinder again!

For the golfer that can’t put down their phone:

Phone Latch-It:

Frogger’s phone Latch-It allows golfers to easily attach and detach their phones right to the side of the golf cart. Using a GPS app, sending a text, or recording your golf swing has never been easier.

Stocking stuffers for every golfer:

Green Monster Tees:

An essential for almost every hole, eco-friendly Green Monster tees are made from bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing and most sustainable resources. Proven stronger than wood, Green Monsters tees last 7x longer before breaking.

Hop Divot Tool:

Take good care of the golf course with the premier divot repair tool in the game. Just drop the ball marker in your pocket and it hops on to the repair tool where it’s always easy to find. Technological breakthrough? Maybe not, but HOP! will help golfers spend less time fumbling around on the green, and it makes an awesome and affordable gift.


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