Powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology, Frogger Golf’s Latch-It Ecosystem is a line of products that allow golfers to instantly “fasten, detach and reconnect” important devices and accessories – rangefinder, smart phone, towel or brush – to a golf cart, golf bag or belt.


From the center of the fairway to buried in the sand, this is our take on the strange love (and sometimes club snapping frustration) we all feel for this great game. Read on to learn how to improve your relationship with your game and your gear!

News: Rangefinder Latch-It Test

Our good friend Erik Barzeski tested out our Rangefinder Latch-It recently and shared this video he took.  We've taken rangefinders and other items attached with Latch-It,...

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Golf Tips: Playing Order

A gentlemen just asked me a question which he wasn't sure was etiquette related or rules related.  The question is about playing order.  He wanted to know if it is a rule that the person who won the previous hole goes first, or just etiquette.  This is actually a...

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