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Catch Latch Story

Catch Latch Technology – a magnetic fastening system to manage your golf accessories!

Catch Latch technology is a magnetic fastening system to quickly and securely attach golf accessories to your golf bag or belt. Frogger Golf is the first company in the golf industry to use Catch Latch technology with our collection of innovative golf accessories, providing golfers with convenient access to your favorite items anywhere on the golf course.

From the center of the fairway to buried in the sand, this is our take on the strange love (and sometimes club snapping frustration) we all feel for this great game. Read on to learn how to improve your relationship with your game and your gear!

Hydration Safety on and off the Course

Consuming cool fluids during exercise is very important for your health and performance. All of the body’s important chemical reactions, such as energy production are carried out in water. Did you know that about 1/2 of our body weight is water? Although water has...

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Practicing Smart

What needs the most work in your golf game? I’ve always had this theory that I like to practice on one thing at a time. This year, I’ve been to my local course every available weekend to work on my putting. I often go with my friend and we have putting contests. And I...

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Els For Autism…Making A Difference

Physical activities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) improve their quality of life because participating in sports, games, and exercising all involve levels of independence and choice making for that child. These activities can increase self-worth and...

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