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Latch-It Ecosystem

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  • Frogger golf rangefinder latch it attach rangefinders to golf carts and bags best golf accessories

    Rangefinder Latch-It

  • World's Best Golf Brush with Award Winning Catch Latch Technology

    BrushPro Latch-It Golf Brush

  • TRAX Golf Towel

  • frogger golf Bag latch it and dongle replacement part best golf accessories

    Golf Bag Latch-It

  • Frogger golf phone latch it attach phones to golf carts best golf accessories

    Phone Latch-It

  • frogger golf latch it dongle replacement part best golf accessories

    Latch-It Accessory Dongle with Key Ring Attachment

  • Function Hybrid Golf Stand Bag

  • Frogger Golf Latch It Receiver Strap Best Golf Accessories

    Golf Cart Latch-It Receiver Strap

  • Belt Latch-It


Secure convenience unleashed.

Frogger’s Latch-It Ecosystem, powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology, was voted Best New Product at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show for it’s unique ability to attach, detach, and reconnect all your favorite golf accessories and gear to golf carts, push carts, golf bags, and even to your belt.  Easily manage and use your favorite golf towels, golf brushes, rangefinders, smartphones, and other golf gear necessities anywhere on the golf course and fasten them back securely and conveniently just the same.

How Latch-It Works

Latch-It products feature two strong magnets that attract and come together and stay together using vertical friction and a motion sensing dynamic lock unless pulled straight out.  For extra security, an external rotational lock will keep your favorite golf accessories and affixed even when pulling straight out which is great for transporting your golf clubs and gear between locations, golf vacations or when handing your golf bag off to bag caddies.

Golf Gifts

The Latch-It Ecosystem are the best golf accessories money can buy and make great golf gifts.