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Get tactical about practice

Inconspicuous and easy to use training aids that deliver big results.

A smarter way to train

Arc Angel

The most consistent putting stroke is to swing in a pendulum like a grandfather clock but unfortunately, we have to do this at a slight angle which produces a small arc in our putter paths. Different heights, angles of address, and putters deliver unique putter paths and Arc Angel will have you quickly feeling and practicing yours.

Swing Hero

A common problem that afflicted our founder for decades was gripping the club too tight. Gripping too hard is arguably the most common problem in golf swings; it creates tension in the hands, arms and shoulders which robs us of higher club head speeds. Swing Hero quickly teaches you to free your swing with the lightest of grips and the confidence your club wont go flying out of your hands.

behind the scenes


Founder and CEO, Jeremiah Bohannon, has reviewed hundreds of training aid inventions and has found only two worthy of designing and engineering to make into reality and adorn the Frogger brand. Beside Frogger training aids needing to be highly effective, Jeremiah’s thoughtful designs ensure they are small enough to store in golf bags and don’t look ridiculous to use.