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Arc Angel Putting Aid

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Sink more putts
Unlock the sweet science of putting with the Arc Angel. This training device locks in your swing plane to deliver your optimal arc putting path.

See the Arc Angel Putting Aid in action!

Instructional video by PGA pro Kris Moe
Two adjustable Arc Angel bases
Handy carry bag
Works for right and left-handed golfers

Product details

  • TEACHES the feel of your proper pendulum stroke developing positive muscle memory
  • IDENTIFIES your unique putting swing plane based upon your height, stance, arm length and putter style
  • DELIVERS the optimal arc putter path to square up at impact and send the ball down it’s desired target line
  • SETS UP in seconds to ENGAGE MUSCLE MEMORY before rounds.
  • FOLDS up in seconds, lightweight, and fits in side pockets.
  • USE at home or on putting greens with any alignment stick or graphite shaft (not included)

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Consistent and repeatable
To sink more putts, learn to swing your own consistent and repeatable pendulum putting stroke.
Locks in your swing plane
Naturally defines your correct swing plane for any height, stance, arm length, or putter style
Perfect arc path delivered
Delivers your optimal arc putter path sending golf balls squarely down the target line
Promotes a pendulum stroke
Learn a proper pendulum stroke on your swing plane