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BrushPro Golf Brushes

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  • Frogger Golf BrushPro Best golf brush grey

    BrushPro Original Golf Brush

  • World's Best Golf Brush with Award Winning Catch Latch Technology

    BrushPro Latch-It Golf Brush

  • BrushPro Retractor Replacement

  • BrushPro Golf Brush Head and Groove Cleaner Replacement (Bronze/Nylon)

  • BrushPro Two-In-One Shoe Cleaner

  • frogger golf brushpro replacement head and groove cleaner

    BrushPro Groove Cleaner Replacement

  • BrushPro Golf Brush Head and Groove Cleaner Replacement (Nylon)


Frogger BrushPro

The origins of Frogger Golf began with innovating upon the common golf brush and BrushPro was born in 2007. The BrushPro delivers game changing breakthroughs in innovation for golf brushes and won the coveted Best New Product award at the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show. The combination of revolutionary new never seen before features in the BrushPro clearly put Frogger on the map in the golf industry. BrushPro is by far still the best golf brush with it’s stylish ergonomic handle, extendable snapback retractable cord, revolutionary snag free combo bristles, flip out groove cleaner, and extra 100% nylon brush heads, replaceable brush heads, replaceable groove cleaners.

Best Golf Brushes

With BrushPro’s being a premium high quality golf brush, Frogger made the purchasing the replaceable brush heads, groove cleaners, and retractors possible to extend the life of each BrushPro golf brush. BrushPro receives great awards even a decade later such as Golf Spy’s independent and unbiased third party testing results that named BrushPro the “The Best Club Cleaner” in 2017. BrushPro is the world’s best golf brush for effective cleaning of golf clubs, club grooves, and even golf shoes.

Frogger BrushPro Evolves

A decade after the launch of the original BrushPro, Frogger introduced an evolution to the original by launching BrushPro Latch-It which is part of the all new Latch-It Ecosystem and won the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Best New Product award. The BrushPro Latch-It comes with all the same great golf brush features as the original except it is literally unleashed off it’s cord with the all new Bag Latch-It magnetic fastening technology to attach and detach it to golf bags for super secure and easy use.

Golf Gifts

If you are looking for the ultimate in innovation and high quality in a golf brush or a best in class golf accessory gift for yourself or someone you care about, BrushPro and BrushPro Latch-It will surely deliver the wow factor you’re looking for.