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Golf Training Aids

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  • Frogger golf swing hero golf training aid best golf training aids

    Swing Hero Golf Training Aid

  • Frogger Golf Arc Angel Golf Training Aid Best Golf Training Aid

    Arc Angel Putting Aid

  • frogger golf alignment sticks best golf training aids

    Alignment Sticks Golf Training Aids


Longer Golf Shots & Sink More Putts

Do most golf training aids seem like they were featured in the classic golf movie Tin Cup, featuring Kevin Costner as an old washed up golf pro desperate to do anything to get his swing back and compete for the new love of his life, Rene Russo?  While many training aids make big promises, we hardly ever see them used in practice.  Most golf training aids are embarrassing to be seen using given how ridiculous we look using them in public but not with Frogger’s Tactical Training Aids.

Frogger’s tactical golf training aids, are both stealth in appearance and extremely effective and efficient at delivering results FAST!  If you want to hit longer, stronger, and straighter golf shots, sink more golf puts, reduce practice time through efficiency, and ensure on target alignment, Frogger tactical golf training aids are the best golf training aids money can buy.  Unlike other golf training aids that have big promises, bigger price tags, and usually under deliver, Frogger golf training aids are extremely affordable and will over deliver in your golf game.

A Better Golf Swing

Free your golf swing through a lighter golf grip to hit longer straighter golf shots with the best golf swing training Frogger’s Swing Hero.  Frogger’s Swing Hero is super lightweight, compact, and fits on any golf club.

Improved Putting Accuracy

Sink more golf putts and lower golf scores by feeling and practicing a consistent and repeatable arc pendulum putting stroke with the best putting swing training Frogger’s Arc Angel.  Frogger unlocked the simple truth and science behind the perfect golf putting stroke and perfected the best and only real way to practice it given all of our arc pendulums are different given our varying heights, arm lengths, stance at address, and golf putters.  Do yourself and loved ones a favor and get the best putting training aid in golf.  Arc Angel is super lightweight and compact, it folds up in seconds and easily fits in golf side bags.

Golf Training Gifts

For those friends and family who are open about working on their game, our line of training aids make for an excellent training gift.