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    Alignment Sticks Golf Training Aids


    Walk Quietly. But Carry Alignment Sticks.

    A highly useful tool that does not seek attention. Frogger alignment sticks are inconspicuous fiberglass rods that measure 40″. They stick up above your bag but not too much. They offer plenty of length to help improve your game in the areas of alignment, ball position and swing path without being unnecessarily long.

    $5.95 S/H Applies regardless of order amount

  • Arc Angel Putting Aid

    $29.95 Free Shipping!

    See The Light.  Make More Putts.

    Unlock the sweet science of the putting stroke by learning the proper plane and stroke that delivers the optimum putting path.  Use the two bases with any graphite shaft or alignment stick and Arc Angel will guide your putter shaft on the proper plane and path, regardless of your height or style of putter used.

  • Swing0Hero

    Swing Hero Golf Training Aid


    Less Grip.  More Distance?  YEP!

    Most golfers grip their clubs too tight, creating tension and interfering with positive swings.  Swing Hero shows you the proper grip pressure to hit longer, more accurate shots.  Free up your swing and allow those expensive golf clubs you bought to do their job!  While Swing Hero might be a small golf training aid, it serves as a great complement to Frogger’s line-up of innovative golf accessories, and can help make a huge difference in your golf game.

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