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Frogger Golf Videos

Take the game seriously but not too seriously, that’s how we see it.  Playing well is a worthy goal but being outdoors and connecting with others while sharing a common interest is just as importance to us.  Our videos are produced with these beliefs in mind in hopes of capturing a lighter side of the game which harken back to the origins of golf.

Latch-It Ecosystem

The Latch-It Ecosystem, powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology, was awarded Best New Product at the 2017 PGA Show for it’s unique ability to manage all your golf accessories from golf bags, golf carts, push carts, to the green and back.


Frogger’s BrushPro is the world’s best golf brush and has received numerous awards for it’s effectiveness and innovation. Independent testing by Golf Spy named it the best golf brush in 2017 and the PGA Show has awarded it Best New product twice, once in 2008 for the original and again in 2017 for the BrushPro Latch-It.


Frogger’s golf towels are the most effective at cleaning golf clubs on the market. All of Frogger’s golf towels have won the Best New Product award at the PGA Show, the Amphibian Towel in 2009 and the TRAX Towel in 2017 as part of the Latch-It Ecosystem.

Training Aids

If you are looking to lower your golf score, Frogger’s training aids will get you there fast without any risk of embarrassment as well. Frogger’s tactical golf training aids are designed with stealth in mind and will have you hitting longer straighter shots and sinking more putts.

Cart Covers

For golfers who rent golf carts or like to travel and play golf, the portable universal fit Golf Cart Poncho for two seat golf carts is the perfect solution to keep you dry in the rain. Golf Cart Poncho’s are small and light enough to keep in golf bags so it’s there when you need it.

Divot Green Repair Tools

If you are looking for the best golf divot repair tool ever designed, the Frogger HOP! will not disappoint with it’s embedded magnets to avoid fumbling for ball markers, ergonomic two prong design, and u top shape club prop.

Bamboo Golf Tees

The greenest, strongest, and most cost efficient golf tees are Frogger Green Monsters bamboo golf tees. Join the revolution and save our forests and save some green backs too.

Swing Tips

Here are some great swing practice drills to improve your golf swing.

Putting Tips

Nothing beats a consistent and repeatable putting stroke. Here are a few drills that can help you sink more putts with a better putting stroke.

Other Performance Tips

There’s to playing golf beyond a full swing and putting stroke. Here are some golf videos and thoughts that are worth a view.

Fun Golf Product Videos

We love to show how great Frogger products are and have fun doing it. We hope you enjoy these fun and sometimes informative videos.