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Green Monsters Bamboo Golf Tees

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Eco Friendly Golf Tees

Why cut down trees to make weaker tees?  We support properly managing our forests globally but why cut down perfectly good trees to make inferior wooden golf tees.  Bamboo grows 3-5 feet a year and is one of the world’s fastest replenishing natural resources.  Bamboo biodegrades faster than any other golf tee material by a long shot.  Because bamboo is a plant, it is easier the greens keeper’s best friend because it’s much easier on lawn mower blades as well to keep our tee boxes looking their best.

Strongest Golf Tees

Beside bamboo being the most eco friendly material to make golf tees, it turns out to be much stronger as well.  Before deciding to launch our bamboo tees, we tested several sources with an independent testing facility to launch our Green Monsters bamboo golf tees.

Independent testing proved Green Monsters bamboo golf tees last seven times longer than leading hardwood tees.  Green Monsters are by far the most durable and natural golf tee you can buy.

Golf Tee Innovation

There’s nothing all that innovative about golf tees and we don’t buy into the extra yard with less friction bit.  Heck, if anyone was going to get an extra yard out of a frictionless golf tee, it would be tour players with higher swing speeds than non-tour playing golfers.

Well, we just couldn’t help but at least do something special when it came to golf tees and that’s why we launched the super short Green Monsters Nubbies.  The Nubbies are 1 ⅛” long and coated with an eco friendly orange paint to make them easy to find.  You’ll get hooked on using Nubbies for all your fairway woods, hybrids, and irons off the tee.

Golf Tees as Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or something a little extra to gift that special friend or family golfer?  Green Monsters are a great golf tee gift and comes in three great sizes.