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Green Monsters™ 2 ¾” Bamboo Tees


Can A Golf Tee Save The Planet?  Go Green.

Why cut down trees to make weaker tees? Green-friendly Green Monster tees are made from bamboo one of the world’s fastest growing and most sustainable resources. Stronger than wood Green Monster tees last 7x longer before breaking. Buying 50 Green Monsters is like buying 350 hardwood tees.

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Key Features

  • 7x stronger than hardwood tees
  • Milled with a vertical grain to make each tee stronger
  • Bamboo bio degrades faster than wood
  • Also available in 3 ¼” and 1 ⅛” sizes


  • Installation: Place your ball and one Green Monster tee in your hand and push into the ground.  Hit a great shot and help save the planet at the same time!
  • Standard 2 ¾” length is ideal for teeing up the ball halfway above the crown of your driver for optimum launch conditions.


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