Golf Cart Poncho - Cart Cover
Golf Cart Poncho - Cart Cover

Golf Cart Poncho


Stay Dry In Your Cart When It Rains

Lightweight, compact, and portable waterproof golf cart cover sets up in seconds and packs away just the same.  Convenient to store in your trunk or golf bag and easy to pack for travel.  Golf is hard enough without getting wet.  Stay dry in your golf cart with Golf Cart Poncho!

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Key Features

  • Fits snug over golf carts in seconds
  • 41.5″ Wide x 47.25″ High x 55″ Long (front-to-back)
  • High quality, waterproof polyester
  • Soft PVC clear windows
  • Portable and perfect for when you take a cart
  • Light weight, just 17oz
  • Packs into convenient dimensions 12” x 5”


  • Installation: Drape over cart with large window in front. Loop top rear elastic straps around back cart posts and attach hooks back onto the straps.  Attach bottom hooks to rear wheel wells, and front bottom hooks to front wheel wells.  Synch elastic straps as needed for a good fit.
  • Care: Place in bag temporarily after a wet round.  As soon as possible, lay on a flat, dry surface to dry.  If needed hand wash with damp cloth and cold water.  Do not use soap, detergents, machine wash, place in a dryer, or dry clean.


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