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BrushPro Latch-It Golf Brush


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This Beats The Tee You’ve Been Using

BrushPro Latch-It is part of the PGA Show Best New Product award winning Latch-It Ecosystem powered brush Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology.  BrushPro Latch-It combines the great features of original BrushPro with the most secure and convenient fastening system ever created.  Magnetically attach/detach BrushPro to clean clubs and grooves for stronger shots and ball spinning accuracy.


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  • Superior interior phosphorous bronze and exterior nylon combo bristles
  • Bristles won’t snag clubs, towels or fingers
  • Fold out groove cleaner
  • 100% nylon brush head included for forged clubs
  • Replacement brush heads available for order
  • Ergonomic comfort fit handle for faster, easier cleaning
  • Catch Latch Bag C-Clamp securely attaches to the top of your golf bag
  • Attach BrushPro to Catch Latch via the dongle ring
  • Magnets in dongle and receiver attract and self-align to connect
  • Dongle pulls straight out to easily disconnect from receiver
  • Receiver has a dynamic internal lock to secure product while in motion
  • Receiver rotates to a fully locked position when orange indicator visible

  • Attach BrushPro to Catch Latch Dongle: Attach the key ring to the sturdy loop on the end of the brush.  Frogger is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Catch Latch Bag C-Clamp: Open the C-Clamp fully by turning the Catch Latch receiver counter clockwise then slip over the top of your golf bag.  Tighten by turning clockwise until orange indicator light clicks into place (do not over tighten).  Rotate to align indicator in the 12 o’clock position.
  • Catch Latch Roto Lock: To unlock the dongle for normal use rotate the Catch Latch receiver counter clockwise.  To lock rotate clockwise until it clicks and the orange indicator is visible.
  • Groove Cleaner: Push slider to fold out the metal tip.  Push tip through grooves to remove embedded dirt and debris.
  • Brush Head Replacement: Hold the brush in an upright position. Slide and snap the brush head out with your thumbs.
  • Groove Cleaner replacement: Use new spring pin to push out old spring pin.  Remove the used cleaner.  Insert the new cleaner, align the holes and push the spring pin through.


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