Frogger is a fiercely independent brand committed to satisfying golfer needs by offering smart, innovative, better designed accessories that make the game more enjoyable. From an innovative club brush that keeps clubs clean like no other brush on the market, to the flat out best towel in golf that helps you perform in any kind of weather, we strive to make a better product no matter what we do.


Competitive players on the professional tours get lots of attention. At Frogger, we focus on golfers that don’t have a caddy on their bag. This is why Frogger is the first brand to offer Catch Latch, the ultimate magnetic fastening technology that allows you to quickly and securely attach and detach your favorite accessories to your golf bag for convenient access.


Frogger founder, CEO and certified golf nut Jeremiah Bohannon grew up hearing many times that he “was a bullfrog”. Not surprisingly, he named the golf company he started after these denizens of golf course ponds everywhere. Both Jeremiah and these amphibian creatures have seen their share of birdies, bogeys, snap hooks and the elusive pure golf shot. So all of us at Frogger understand and appreciate the need to put both performance and fun in our accessories.


If you’re a passionate golfer (or looking for a gift for your passionate golfer), if you value your golf equipment, we promise to provide the little things that make a difference in your game and golfing experience!


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