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Phone Latch-It

Product Details


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Fast worry free phone access 

Stop digging for your phone on the course! Attach your smart phone to golf carts for fast, easy access plus record golf swings for training.

    Fit's phone sizes
    4.7″ to 6.23″ High
    Up to 3.07″ Wide
    Up to 0.45″ Thick
    Cart strap:
    5.5 inch max circumference
    8.5 inch strap

    Product Details

    • Fast, secure, easy phone access anywhere on the course
    • Motion sensing dynamic lock keeps phone cradle secure even in bumpy “off road like” conditions
    • Receiver strap for carts has a non-slip grip pad to stay in place
    • PGA Merchandise Show “Best New Product” in 2017 as part of the Latch-It Ecosystem
    • Phone cradle adjusts to fit snugly around leading smartphones (see phone specs below)
    • Added drop security with protective covering on holder
    • Phone cradle is compatible with Frogger golf bags, Bag Latch-It, and Belt Latch-It, all sold separately
    • Record your golf swing by attaching to a Frogger golf bag or Bag Latch-It to turn golf bags into tripods
    • What’s in the box: Adjustable phone cradle and adjustable golf cart receiver strap
    Record your swing!
    Adjust the Latch-It receiver to point outward and use the front-facing camera on your phone to record your golf swing.
    Low profile
    Maintain the full use of phone buttons and functions with slim, fuss-free holder. Phone Latch-It stretches for easy removal and provides added security in case of drops.
    Universal fit
    Fit's a large variety of phone sizes and models. See the "specs" section above.
    Secure attachment
    Our secure 3-stage locking system ensures your phone won't fall even on the bumpiest courses and the cart strap features non-slip grip pads to keep the receiver firmly in place.
    Part of the Latch-It Ecosystem

    Latch-It is a revolutionary, universally interchangeable gear management system that allows golfers to instantly attach and detach important devices and accessories (rangefinder, smartphone, towel or brush) to a golf cart, push cart, golf bag or belt.

    Three-stage security
    With the Latch-It Ecosystem, quickly and easily secure your gear so you can stay on the move while on the course. All Latch-It products feature the following 3-stages of security:
    Quick-draw release
    Must pull straight out with 3+ lbs of pressure to release your gear
    Motion-sensing dynamic lock
    Heavier items pivot and lock dongles automatically to handle off-road-like conditions
    Exterior roto lock
    Turn roto lock 180° until it clicks into locked position to prevent removal from receiver
    The magic is in the magnets
    Latch-It Ecosystem, powered by Catch Latch, features the most sophisticated, secure and convenient fastening technology on the golf market. Male dongles self-align and magnetically connect with the receiver. Featuring an interior motion sensing dynamic lock, and an additional external roto lock, we thought of everything to make sure you don't lose your gear when not in use.
    Only a caddie would be more helpful
    Every Latch-It receiver can secure any Latch-It product. No matter your style of play, let Latch-It give you access to all of your on-course essentials.

    See the Phone Latch-It in action!

    2 reviews for Phone Latch-It

    1. Rated 3 out of 5

      Rob Scrimger

      Love the idea and the magnetic latching system really locks it in to prevent it from falling out. It also has two pins that stabilize it so it doesn’t spin around. I strapped mine to my ClicGear push cart handle. During the first round, the jarring broke the pins so now the phone spins. It’s still secure, as I said the magnet is awesome. It just spins around as I walk.

    2. Rated 4 out of 5

      Doug Field

      Just got mine and really seems to work well! Phone fits well and holds it in place!. Still learning about all the nuances of the Latch it system but so far I do like how it performs! Took stuff out on the course with my bag and all and it preformed as illustrated!

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