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Phone Latch-It


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One Less Thing To Worry About!

Where’s your phone? No more digging through the compartments on your golf cart or having to search your bag pockets to check your messages, sports scores, or to get a yardage from your gps app. Phone Latch-It securely attaches your smart phone to golf carts for easy access. Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology to provide the ultimate in secure convenience with powerful self-aligning magnets, a dynamic lock for motion, and a roto lock for security. Frogger Golf helps you manage your important gear.

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  • Universal phone cradle attachment system
  • Fast, secure, easy access anywhere on the course
  • Fits Phone Sizes:
    • 4.7″ to 6.23″ High
    • Up to 3.07″ Wide
    • Up to 0.45″ Thick
  • Part of the Latch-It Ecosystem
  • Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology
  • The phone cradle adjusts to fit tightly around leading smart phones
  • Velcro Receiver strap adjusts to fit around golf cart support bars – 7.25 inch max circumference / 8.5 inch strap
  • The Receiver strap has a non-slip grip pad to stay in place
  • Dongle and Receiver magnetically attract and self-align when connecting
  • Receiver has a dynamic lock to keep product secure while in motion
  • Receiver rotates to a fully locked position when orange indicator is visible
  • Dongle on the phone cradle works with Bag Latch-It (sold separately) to connect to your golf bag
  • Dongle on the phone cradle works with integrated Catch Latch on Frogger Golf Function golf bags

  • To insert your phone, hold the Dongle on the back of the cradle
  • Place bottom of the phone into bottom of the cradle while pushing down to stretch the opening
  • Push the phone into the cradle and under the top lip, stretch cords will hold the phone tight
  • Attach the receiver strap to your golf cart roof support bar
  • Remove one strap end from the buckle and wrap around the cart roof support bar
  • Pass the strap end back through the buckle and velcro loosely
  • Loosen the other strap end, pull tight and velcro in place
  • Push the cradle Dongle into the Receiver (Latch-It!)
  • The cradle can be turned in the Receiver to the desired orientation
  • For normal use rotate the Receiver counter clockwise until a click is felt
  • Dongle pulls straight out when indicator is clear
  • To lock, rotate Receiver clockwise until a click is felt and orange indicator is visible
  • Note: Frogger is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items
  • Phone not included

2 reviews for Phone Latch-It

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Rob Scrimger

    Love the idea and the magnetic latching system really locks it in to prevent it from falling out. It also has two pins that stabilize it so it doesn’t spin around. I strapped mine to my ClicGear push cart handle. During the first round, the jarring broke the pins so now the phone spins. It’s still secure, as I said the magnet is awesome. It just spins around as I walk.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Doug Field

    Just got mine and really seems to work well! Phone fits well and holds it in place!. Still learning about all the nuances of the Latch it system but so far I do like how it performs! Took stuff out on the course with my bag and all and it preformed as illustrated!

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