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HOP! Golf Green Repair Tool


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Find It.  Mark It.  Fix It.  Fast.

Tame the chaos of keys, tees and breath mints in your pocket with the highly magnetic HOP! green repair tool.  Just drop the ball marker in your pocket and it hops on to the repair tool where it’s always easy to find.  Technological breakthrough?  Maybe not on the order of driverless cars, but HOP! will help you spend less time fumbling around on the green.

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  • Ergonomic cast alloy frame fixes ball marks fast
  • Six embedded magnets ensure the marker clings to the frame
  • Convenient slot securely stores the ball marker between rounds
  • U shaped top holds your grip to prop your club above the grass

  • Use: Drop the marker and HOP! frame in your pocket and they attract.
  • Fix: Place your thumb in the depression and your index finger on the opposite side ridge for leverage.  Insert the tool prongs around the edge of the ball mark at a 30° angle and lift inward.  Do not twist or lift up the prongs as this will damage the roots.
  • Store: In between rounds slide the ball marker into the slot on the top of the HOP!


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