Amphibian Golf Ball Towel


True Putts Start With A Clean Golf Ball

The dual folded, wet and dry design features a waterproof membrane while handy finger pockets make opening inside terry layer a breeze.  The Amphibian Ball Towel fits in your pocket or easily attaches to your belt and does not interfere with your swing.  The best, fastest and easiest way to clean your ball at the green.

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Key Features

  • Two 8”x4” layers
  • 100% polyester terry inside absorbs 3X more water
  • Soft, plush, 100% woven cotton outside
  • Handy finger pockets keep hands dry while opening the dual folded layers
  • Waterproof membrane keeps wet and dry layers separate


  • Use: Wet the inside layer to clean your golf ball and use the dry exterior to keep your hands dry.
  • Hang Dry: To dry the wet interior reverse it inside out and attach to your golf bag.
  • Care: Wash before initial use.  Detach carabineer clip before laundering.  After washing reverse inside out and hang to dry.


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