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Amphibian Golf Ball Towel

Product details


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True Putts Start With A Clean Golf Ball

PGA Merchandise Show award-winning wet and dry towel makes cleaning golf balls a breeze. Fits in pockets or attaches to belt loops for when you’re on the green.

Attachment type
D-clip carabiner
4" x 4"
100% Cotton outside
100% Bamboo inside

Product details

  • Wet the inner layer of the towel to clean your ball, then dry it on the outside
  • Carabiner clip attaches to any bag or belt
  • Cleaner golf balls give putts more accuracy and control
  • Awarded “Best New Product” at the PGA Merchandise Show

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Fits pockets
Towel fits into front and back pockets easily and without making a wet mess.
Premium materials
Ultra absorbent interior has a "hotel towel" feel when wet for deep, effective cleaning and stays wet longer thanks to an innovative pocket design.
Finger tabs
Keep hands dry while opening the interior pocket using the finger tabs. Then use the towel exterior to dry your ball.
Secure attachment
Carabiner clip ensures towel won't fall off and easily clips to golf bags, belts, carts, umbrellas, and anywhere else you might need it.

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1 review for Amphibian Golf Ball Towel

  1. SD Smith

    Seemed to work fine for ball cleaning, but the the second time I played using the Amphibian Golf Ball Towel,
    the little loop the carabiner goes through came undone at one end. It doesn’t make sense that most of the
    product seems to be pretty robust, but the most important part, the attachment point, is very flimsy. Pretty
    damn expensive, too.
    I am getting tired of paying premium prices for the same-old cheap imported quality. Not real happy and
    apparently no warranty protection provided from what I can tell looking at the packaging it came in.

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