Does keeping your clubs, grooves, and shoe spikes clean really make a difference?

YES! Think of the tires on a car and imagine what would happen if it took a sharp turn in the rain on bald tires, the car would slip and slide right off the road. The same is true in regard to club-to-ball contact. On the fairway, and even more important in the rough, the force of the club-ball collision crushes grass into a watery mush that would otherwise reduce control and spin if not for the grooves channeling it away. The more volume grooves have, the more effective they will be at channeling away anything that gets in the way of club- to- ball contact to ensure maximum back spin, control, and accuracy.

The same holds true for shoe spikes, if shoes spin out during a swing, it effects where the ball will go, forcing golfer’s to quickly adjust during the swing to compensate for it.

Get the most out of your gear by making sure they are clean and working at optimum performance so you can “Take your best shot!”

Nothing works better and is more convenient than Amphibian Towel and BrushPro products.


Will Amphibian Towel begin to smell if I don’t air-dry the wet interior towel?

The interior towel is 100% bamboo and is naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It is recommended to air dry the interior bamboo towel to ensure any debris cleaned from clubs does not begin to smell. The towel itself should not begin to smell on its own. Should the towel begin to smell after repeated use, it may be time to wash the towel.

Is Amphibian Towel washer and dryer safe?

Yes, Amphibian Towel products are washer and dryer safe. Machine wash cold and tumble dry. It may be necessary to reverse the towel inside out to completely dry. You may also hang dry after washing.

The interior bamboo towel doesn’t seem to absorb water very well, why not?

Each towel must be washed separately to remove any extra yarn die before the first use. Reverse Amphibian Towel inside out and wash with detergent before using. Washing the towel before the first use will allow the towel to absorb water as it should.

Can I use Amphibian Towel as a water bucket?

Amphibian Towel is almost 100% waterproof, but the force of a bucket of water inside an Amphibian Towel will begin to push water through the tiniest of seam line holes and make the exterior edge of the Amphibian Towel wet.


Why should I buy Amphibian Tour Towel instead of Amphibian Towel?

Amphibian Tour Towel is twice the size of the standard Amphibian Towel. The main reason to purchase Amphibian Tour Towel is to provide a larger interior dry towel for rainy days when keeping hands and grips dry is paramount. Amphibian Towel is a great size when carrying your own bag on dry days. I have other questions in regard to Amphibian Tour Towel: Amphibian Tour Towel is a larger version of Amphibian Towel; please refer to Amphibian Towel for other general questions.


If I attach Amphibian Ball Towel to a belt loop, will I notice or feel it during my swing?

You will not feel or notice Amphibian Ball Towel when it is attached to your belt loop during your swing. However, should you seem to feel Amphibian Ball Towel is a distraction during your swing, simply remove the carabineer and conveniently slip it into your pocket instead of carrying it on your hip.


Amphibian Ball Towel is basically a smaller version of Amphibian Towel, please refer to the other general questions for Amphibian Towel.


How long will retractors last?

Retractors will wear out over time and have been tested for over 10,000 pulls and come with a one-year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

How long should brush heads last?

Just like any other brush head, they will become less effective over time and when to replace me them is a determination each golfer will have to make. It is next to impossible to determine how long they will last as golfer’s will use different amounts of pressure, use them more and less than others per round, etc. The best way to know when it is time to replace a brush head is based upon it’s effectiveness compared to when it was new.

The phosphorous bronze bristles are fraying outside the nylon bristles, what should I do?

To maintain and realign phosphorous bronze bristles, twist them from base in an upward motion. If you are not satisfied with the result, the brush head most likely should be replaced. Purchase new brush heads now.

How do I unlock and interchange or replace brush heads and accessories?

Interchange or replace brush heads by: Place groove cleaner in an upright position. Slide/snap brush heads in/out with thumb. Use either combo bristles or 100% Nylon bristles to effectively clean clubfaces. Use groove cleaner for stubborn debris remaining in grooves.

How do I replace the groove cleaner?

Replace Groove cleaners by: Use new spring pin provided to push out old spring pin. Remove the used groove cleaner. Insert new groove cleaner and al gn the holes. Push new spring pin through the holes of the brush handle and new groove cleaner. Fold out groove cleaner and lightly clean grooves to remove imbedded debris. Use brushes to clean clubfaces.


Will the scrapers break or damage my soft spikes?

Soft spikes are made to endure a lot of use on the course, on concrete and they naturally break through normal use. Scrapers will not damage new soft spikes but if they are old and worn, the soft spikes may be fragile and might break with the use of the scrapers. If a soft spike breaks by use of the 2 in 1 Shoe is a good time to replace all of your spikes because they are very likely to break out on the course or while walking on concrete or asphalt.

Do keeping shoes and spikes clean on the course really make a difference?

Shoes and spikes provide stability and support in your golf swing. If your spikes are cluttered with compacted grass, mud, or dirt, they will be less effective in keeping you in your swing. If your shoes slip or spin during your swing, you may want to make sure the bottom of your shoes and spikes are free of debris.


Refer to BrushPro Questions Groove Cleaner Replacement Questions: Refer to BrushPro Questions


Refer to BrushPro Questions

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