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Alignment Sticks


Walk Quietly. But Carry Alignment Sticks.

A highly useful tool that does not seek attention. Frogger alignment sticks are inconspicuous fiberglass rods that measure 40″. They stick up above your bag but not too much. They offer plenty of length to help improve your game in the areas of alignment, ball position and swing path without being unnecessarily long.

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Key Features

  • Two 40” black fiberglass rods
  • End caps are removable on one end for pushing the alignment stick into the ground
  • Work well with Frogger’s Arc Angel Putting Aid


  • Alignment: Use one stick along the target line or along the line of your stance to improve your shot alignment.  Or use two parallel sticks one down both the target line and your stance line.
  • Ball Position: Use one alignment stick along your stance line and the second stick perpendicular to help you develop proper ball placement.
  • Short Game: Use alignment sticks around the green or in the bunker.  Use one stick as the target line and one to help you develop the proper open stance line.
  • Putting: Use alignment sticks with the Frogger Arc Angel to hone in the proper putting stroke arc.  Regardless of your height you will feel the proper plane and path.


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