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Swing Hero Golf Training Aid

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Lighter grip. More distance
Free your swing! Increase distance and accuracy by learning to swing with a lighter grip quickly and easily with Swing Hero.

See the Swing Hero Golf Training Aid in action!

Instructional swing DVD by PGA pro Kris Moe
Handy carry bag
Right and left-handed golfers

Product details

  • Reduce grip pressure dramatically to practice with the confidence the club will stay in your hands
  • Develops proper upper and lower body swing tempo
  • Increases hand to club head feel for improved swing control through lighter pressure
  • Teaches to hold the club properly in your fingers instead of the palms of your hands
  • Promotes angle of address from club to hands and arms
  • Increases your range of motion by eliminating tension
  • Increased club head speed by encouraging proper body rotation and club head release at impact
  • Compact size stores easily, includes a storage bag
  • Slips snugly on the end of standard and jumbo sized golf clubs grips

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Feel the flow
Swing Hero will get you in the flow of a good swing.  If you lose your tempo, slide Swing Hero back on for a few practice swings to get your feel back.
Swing it. Don't hit it.
Promotes a smoother swing for improved ball striking and mechanics. 
Better accuracy
Ever heard a pro say to "try and feel the end of the club" but you can't?  A lighter grip accentuates what the club is doing so you can square it up at impact.
More distance
A light grip keeps you loose promoting better rotation and club head feel for a faster quicker release at impact generating a bigger smash factor and ultimately more distance.