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Swing Hero Golf Training Aid

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Lighter grip. More distance

Free your swing! Increase distance and accuracy by learning to swing with a lighter grip quickly and easily with Swing Hero.

Instructional swing DVD by PGA pro Kris Moe
Handy carry bag
Right and left-handed golfers

Product details

  • Reduce grip pressure dramatically to practice with the confidence the club will stay in your hands
  • Develops proper upper and lower body swing tempo
  • Increases hand to club head feel for improved swing control through lighter pressure
  • Teaches to hold the club properly in your fingers instead of the palms of your hands
  • Promotes angle of address from club to hands and arms
  • Increases your range of motion by eliminating tension
  • Increased club head speed by encouraging proper body rotation and club head release at impact
  • Compact size stores easily, includes a storage bag
  • Slips snugly on the end of standard and jumbo sized golf clubs grips

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Feel the flow
Swing Hero will get you in the flow of a good swing.  If you lose your tempo, slide Swing Hero back on for a few practice swings to get your feel back.
Swing it. Don't hit it.
Promotes a smoother swing for improved ball striking and mechanics. 
Better accuracy
Ever heard a pro say to "try and feel the end of the club" but you can't?  A lighter grip accentuates what the club is doing so you can square it up at impact.
More distance
A light grip keeps you loose promoting better rotation and club head feel for a faster quicker release at impact generating a bigger smash factor and ultimately more distance.

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