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New Year, New Swings!

As we bring in the new year, we hope to implement positive change in our lives and golf games. We welcome 2024 as an opportunity to become a better version of the players we are. It’s time to start fresh this coming golf season and make it the greatest golf year ever!

In January we see the PGA season kick into full swing. The pros will kick it off with the Tournament of Champions at Kapalua the first week of the new year and end the month with The Farmers Insurance Open. While they’ll be playing in beautiful conditions, many of us are still waiting for the weather to permit us to play. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be working on our game in the meantime.

This is a great time to tune into Froggers new January series “Lower Your Score in 2024.”  The month long series will be based on how we can use training aids to better our golf game in the offseason. You can watch on @froggergolf on both TikTok and Instagram. Two key things we can work on wherever we may be are our grip and putting stroke. With a few helpful drills, we can prepare for the coming season. Let’s hit the ground running and not wait until it’s time to compete.

Master Your Game in the New Year with Our Top Golf Training Aids

Frogger offers helpful tools to work on under-appreciated parts of the game. The Arc Angel Putting Aid and the Swing Hero Training Aid are a few ways to take your game to the next level this new year. For the entire month of January, we are offering a 25% off discount for these special trainers.

All golfers should make their New Year’s resolution in 2024 to reduce their number of putts. Rather than skipping out on putting drills, make it a focus this year with the Arc Angel Putting Aid. Having a repeatable pendulum putting stroke takes a lot of the guess work out of putting. The Arc Angel teaches golfers a consistent motion and swing plane that will translate to sinking more putts. It is extremely easy to set up and utilizes what is already in your bag with any graphite shaft or alignment stick. The Arc Angel allows you to work on your putting in the comfort of your own home. Get your muscle memory dialed in and feel more confident on the greens!

The Swing Hero Training Aid solves one of the most common problems in the golf swing. Most people simply grip the club way too hard, resulting in an array of swing issues. By encouraging a lighter grip, the Swing Hero improves swing control, promotes better tempo, and increases range of motion. People tend to think that to hit the ball further, you need to grip it hard and swing hard. The truth is a softer grip will increase your distance and swing speed. The Swing Hero fits multiple grip sizes, and its compact design stores easily. Also, it comes with an instructional DVD and mini carry bag.

Leap Into the New Year!

Take advantage of these limited time deals on products that will boost your confidence and lower your scores! There is a lot of great golf to be played in 2024.

Happy New Years to all you Frogger fanatics!