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Gear up for Golf Season!

As March approaches, golf fans grow in anticipation for the thrilling upcoming events. March Madness may be the headliner for the sports world, but the PGA will be providing some madness themselves with The Players Championship. What’s regarded as the strongest field in golf begins on March 14th and runs through the 17th. The Players Championship is also dubbed as “the fifth major” because its significance has grown close to that of the main four.

While the pros are getting into the thick of their season, many of us amateurs are waiting for ours to begin. As we round out the winter months and grow near to spring, golf is right around the corner. It’s important to be ready to swing into the new season fully prepared so no rounds are wasted!

Stocking up for the Golf Season Ahead

One of the most exciting parts about the start of a new season is coming into it with the best new equipment. While you may have already revamped the golf bag, It’s crucial to make sure you’re set on the smaller items that are often overlooked. Frogger has you covered with all the gear you need to make this coming golf season the best one yet.

A must-have in your bag this season are the Green Monsters Bamboo Tees. With three sizes to choose from, you have a special bamboo tee perfect for any tee shot. The super-popular Nubbies are an essential for striping it on the par-3s. Yes, these eco-friendly tees are better for the environment, but they’re 7x stronger than traditional wood tees. Colored in Frogger orange, you’ll stop wandering around looking for tees.

Frogger Golf Green Monsters Tees Bamboo Golf Tees Best Golf Tees Nubbies Short Iron Golf Tees

The Amphibian Ball Towel is always there for you, even in a pinch. Having a clean ball is key for a pure roll on the green. Just like the full-size Amphibian towel, the inside will stay wet while the outside stays dry. Unlike the full size, the ball towel comfortably clips at the waist for anytime access. At the green, in a sand trap, the Amphibian golf towel is by your side.

Our patented HOP! repair tool is the total package for the greens. No more fumbling around in your pockets looking for your ball marker, as super-strong magnets help it HOP right back into place on your tool. The repair tool fits well in your hand with a great feel to it and makes fixing ball marks effortless. Be kind to the course and yourself with this multi-use tool.

We can’t wait for the new season to begin and hope you all come prepared with our helpful products.

Leap Ahead!