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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Shopping for Dad can be tough, especially if you don’t totally get golf despite his best efforts to teach you. Whether Pops is a scratch golfer or still trying to break 90, we’ve listed this seasons hottest gifts that’ll help him play better, stress free golf.

Gifts Under $15

Weekend Warriors unite! We know Dad tees it up every chance he gets, help him gear up and get out this Father’s Day Weekend with gifts under $15.

Green monster tees 2 ¾” — Consistency is everything on the course – Dad deserves tees that meet his standards and last. Green Monster tees last 7x longer than leading hardwood tees.

Frogger Golf, Father’s Day Gift Guide 2 3/4” Tees

“Best golf tees ever made. These work great. I can use one for multiple rounds. I just barely put the tee in the ground and the tee hardly ever breaks. No splitting, seldom does this tee break in half. Usually the top of the tee becomes too dented for the ball to stay on so I throw it away. I break often on iron tee shots but almost never on driver tee shots.”

Best tee ever | Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2016

Amphibian Golf Ball Towel — Step onto the green with confidence and class. With the Amphibian Golf Ball towel, Dad will never wipe the course off his ball and onto shirt or pants again. We can’t promise to prevent 3-putts though.

Frogger Golf, Father’s Day Gift Guide Amphibian Towel

“If you’re using a towel to clean your golf balls prior to putting, then I encourage you to purchase the Frogger. It is absorbent and easy to use. I like to clean my golf ball before I putt when I put my ball on the green. I used to use a towel which was hard to manage and keep wet. This is now on my belt needing to wet it about 4 times a round. I think you’ll like this 4 inch square.”

For OCD Golfers | Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2021

Gifts Under $30

Who’s your caddy? Nobody. Dad wants it done right, so he does it himself. These under $30 gifts help Dad play stress free, enjoyable golf.

Amphibian towel — Simple, yet significant. This award winning towel clips to your bag and has a second, hidden layer inside for wetting and cleaning clubs.

“As a golfer you wouldn’t categorize a golf towel as something that makes your experience/performance better, but with the amphibian towel that couldn’t be further than the truth. The thick well made towel has dual capability (one side wet/one side dry). That may not sound like much, but as someone who always carries a wet towel to wipe down clubs this towel is an answer to prayer. Nothing sucks more than a dripping wet towel that dries hard and smells then on top of that carrying a dry towel that ends up getting wet because the towel next to it is drenched. The amphibian towel is like having two towels in one and after the round you hand dry it and it doesn’t smell. Sure you can buy a towel for under $10, but you get what you pay for. Invest in this towel and you’ll never buy another towel again!”

Scott Asai – September 24, 2018

Brush Pro Latch it — Say hello to your little friend. This handy tool is sleek and slender but packs a punch. Latch it technology allows Dad to freely disconnect his brush in a snap from his bag to clean clubs. Removing the retraction feature in the brush protects Dad from needing to bend over to clean his clubs.

Frogger Golf, Father’s Day Gift Guide Brush Pro Latch it

“I love my new frogger brush! The magnetic snap takes the thought process out of it. It snaps right back in place and holds tight! The brush works perfect and the retractable groove cleaner is the best idea ever! Thank you. Will order another one for the wifes golf bag.”

Best golf brush system on the market! | Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2020

Phone Latch it — Sorry honey, the course is playing slow. Keep in touch, analyze your performance and record your swings with ease using the Frogger Phone Latch it. Simply strap the Latch it receiver to your cart or carry bag and tee it up!

Frogger Golf, Father’s Day Gift Guide Latch it Phone Holder

“I was tired of having my phone in my pocket, locking it so there are no accidental touches, and generally unaccessable. When I did ride in a cart the cup holder or dash did not seem safe. The Frogger is 100% as advertised. It stretches to fit most phones (Samsung S9+ here). It is incredibly secure. So far when I have ridden – I leave it in the unlocked position and it has not fallen out (and I see plenty of the rough). When I have walked – I have attached it to my umbrella holder on the cart and it is easy to view wherever I go. I used the locking feature here since I did not expect to take it off the push cart. I highly recommend this to any golfer looking to secure their phone/GPS for the round!”

Golfers using their phone for GPS NEED TO HAVE THIS | Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2019

Featured item

Hybrid Function Golf Stand Bags — Papa’s got a brand new bag… or he needs one. Hook Dad up with the season’s best, most innovative golf bag. Built for ball strikers, the lightweight Stand Bag also includes two Latch-it receivers to hold Dad’s other new toys. Perfect for Dads that enjoy the walk.

Frogger Golf, Father’s Day Gift Guide Carry Bag

“I bought this bag for my hubby and he’s had many bags over the years and this one he raves about every time he uses it. It’s comfortable, functional and all the added extras are amazing and I wonder why I didn’t think of this…I’ve since bought a few other items from Frogger for both myself, my hubby and for friends and I couldn’t be happier. Very well made and will last a long, long time.”

Hubby loves this bag | Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2019