Welcome to Frogger Blogger. I am your host, the Frogger Blogger.

Today, December 15, 2010, marks the official launch of Frogger Blogger.  Frogger Blogger is the sister site and blog of Frogger Golf, maker of the best golf club brush and golf towels in the golf industry.  Today’s first blog post will give an overview of what we will be doing here at Frogger Blogger and links to our new social media profiles.

The Goal

The goal here at Frogger Blogger is two fold.  Frogger Blogger will be a fun and informational golf site with news, golf tips, course reviews and more.  We hope to become a regular stop on the internet highway for golfers to enjoy.  An intended byproduct will be increased brand awareness and familiarity with Frogger and our products.  We will to do it in a way which is not invasive or over-the-top with solicitation.  This can be done, and many companies (golf and others) are doing it right.

Frogger Blogger will also be a way for us to get closer to golfers and strike up conversations with them via this site, twitter, facebook or other social media outlets.

The Content

Frogger Blogger will have some regular content subjects.  We’ll bookend the week with tidbits of golf news about pro tours, the industry, and general items we feel are interesting and relevant in the golf world.

We will have weekly Tuesday Tips, with advice and drills to help players which are easy and fun.  Fun is key.

Speaking of fun, that’s another regular subject.  Frogger is about helping golfers enjoy golf regardless of the score they write down on the scorecard.  We are about making the game fun and we’ll share many ideas on how to do that.  If you have some suggestions, share them with us and we just might post ’em.

Monthly we will be posting a feature on select golf courses called Killer Courses.  Killer Courses are courses which we have played, or want to play someday which fit into the Frogger philosophy.  These courses aren’t tricked up courses which beat you to death with impossible shots, overly penal bunkers and miles of yardage.  They’re courses which properly reward good shots, yet still are enjoyable for those of us who may miss more fairways than we hit.

Of course, we’ll cover Frogger products, showing how much fun and enjoyment we feel they can bring to golfer’s games.  New product announcements, videos, web features and reviews will all be here.  Pay attention too.  We might just decide to give some products away as prizes for those who leave the best comments or retweet our tweets or reface our facebooks…  Do you reface facebook posts?

The golf industry can be an interesting world.  We’ll do some posts, photos and even video from “behind the scenes.”  Occasionally we’ll share some interesting looks into the golf world from trade shows, research and development, video shoots, players and more.  Stay tuned and let us know what you want to see.


Frogs may look old school and reptilian, but we can be quite tech savvy.  We’re up with the times.  We have a Frogger twitter, facebook and soon our YouTube channel will be hot.  In the upper right corner of the blog you can click on our RSS feed, twitter and facebook links.  Follow us.  We’ll follow you back.  If you’re a blogger, we’ll trade links with you.

A Work In Progress

Frogger Blogger is new, and as such we’ll certainly be fine tuning the content as we go.  We’ll go with what works and can what doesn’t.  We hope to improve over time like a fine wine and not like a bad cheese.  Use the contact form here to send us a note if you like something or think we can do better at something else.

That’s it in a nutshell.  We’re officially off and hopping.  We’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word!

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