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FedEx Cup Missed by a Matter of Inches
FedEx Cup

Photo Credit: Logan Whitton/Getty Images

As the PGA regular season concluded at the Wyndham Championship, we are reminded that golf is a game of inches.

After 44 tournaments making up the 2023 PGA season, golfers on the bubble of the FedEx Cup Playoffs fought for their spot in the top 70 of FedEx Cup points. While most big names had already secured their spot in the postseason, one notable golfer in the field was 2x major champion Justin Thomas.

In an unfamiliar situation for the 30-year-old star, Thomas needed a top 10 finish to punch his ticket to the playoffs. Coming down to the 18th hole in the final round of the regular season, Thomas needed a birdie to give himself a chance. Following a massively pulled drive into the woods (just like us!) JT hit a miraculous whirling out to give himself a chance to chip in for birdie. His chip was tracking, but didn’t quite get the spin it needed to drop in the hole. Rather, his ball bounced off the flagstick for a disappointing tap-in par and tie for 11th, ultimately ending his season.

44 events, hundreds of rounds of golf, came down to one stroke. Better yet, it came down to a matter of inches. While Justin Thomas will be just fine, his shortcoming this event reminds us just how precise the game of golf is. It’s highly unlikely any of us will be in that high-pressure of a situation in our golf games, but the premise stays true for everyone. Regardless of your skill level, there will always be an individual goal to chase.

How does this apply to the average golfer?

Whether it’s breaking 100, 90, 80, or even 70 for the first time, the round of your life could be inches away. Those pressure putts with a personal best on the line can make the hole look a lot smaller. The best way to take the pressure off the putter is to improve precision with irons and wedges. Generating more spin by having clean grooves can greatly help those 20-foot putts turn into 5 footers. Increase your spin and keep your grooves clean with the Frogger BrushPro and Amphibian Towel.

It’s likely Justin Thomas had a clean wedge for that shot, even though it didn’t check up. Tour pros have caddies to do that work for them. However, most of us don’t. Make your life easier and game smoother by using Latch-it technology to help keep your golf tools organized and handy. Attach everything to the Function Hybrid Golf Stand Bag. Frogger’s unique golf bag is lightweight, has plenty of pockets for storage, and has built in Catch Latch receivers for your gold brush and golf towel.

Chase your low rounds and make it easier on yourself while doing so! One of the beauties of golf is that there is always room for improvement. There are also individual standards of what scores we’re happy with. Even if you aren’t chasing a spot in the FedEx Cup, you should still strive to play your best, and make sure your equipment is helping!