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Frogger Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

On a Day that Remind us What We are Thankful for, We Thank you for Supporting Frogger

We are right in the thick of holiday season with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching. It’s almost time to stuff our faces with our favorite traditional foods and savor moments with family and friends! Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving a bit differently, with our own unique customs. Whatever your traditions may be, whether it’s a morning round of golf before the feast, or binging football games as you melt away on the couch, we all love indulging in the holiday spirit.

If nothing else, Thanksgiving serves as a time to reflect on all that we are thankful for. Here at Frogger we are thankful for the game of golf. Golf is a sport that so many people love for various reasons. It provides us an escape, or place to clear our minds. It offers us a feeling of competition and growth, always striving to become better. Or, it can simply be a fun hobby and social activity. Golf means many different things to us, but we are all here because we share the same love for it.

Most of all, we are thankful for you. We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and thank you for trusting Frogger for all your golf product and apparel needs.

The Aftermath of Thanksgiving

As soon as Thanksgiving passes, we immediately shift our focus to the holidays to come. It seems that Black Friday is moved up every year, and the chaos begins as soon as the Thanksgiving feast ends. Thankfully, with Frogger you don’t need to participate in the chaos. Get all your upcoming holiday shopping done in the comfort of your home with Frogger’s online store.

Frogger has just made it easier than ever to shop with us, with our new Buy with Prime feature. Buy with Prime optimized our shipping times, helping you get all of your gifts in time. Amazon Prime members simply select the Buy with Prime option at checkout, sign into their account, and receive the benefits of Prime while shopping with us. Benefits include free and fast delivery, a seamless checkout experience, and easy returns.

Choose between eight eligible products that qualify for Buy with Prime, including many of your favorite golf products. The PGA merchandise show award-winning Amphibian Towel is just one of the eligible products, along with other best-sellers in the Function Hybrid Golf Stand Bag, and BrushPro Original Golf Brush. All our products will make amazing gifts for any golfer in your life and are easier than ever to buy.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy your day and get ready for the holidays to come.