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Fall Golf is Here!

Fall golf is arguably the best time of the season. Here at Frogger we believe it is!

The air is crisp and there is a little breeze. The course and trees are changing colors and vibes are high. The kids are off to school. You slip on a windbreaker over your Fly Dry Golf Shirt designed to keep you warm on cold days, and tee it up with your buddies before the football games start.

As the business of the summer winds down at the golf courses, we’re all trying to fit in as many last rounds before the season ends. The stress of tournament season has passed, and temperatures are more comfortable for playing. Fall golf is a beautiful time of year for many reasons.

After a long season of self-improvement, you have the opportunity to fine-tune your game. In the early season, you’re still remembering how to swing a club. By the fall, you can work on smaller goals and tweaks to your game that you can take into next season.

One of the best parts of fall golf season is the lowered rates and less crowded courses. With the break in green fees, it may be a good opportunity to invest in some accessories you’ve been pushing off.

Best Products for Fall Golf

Courses tend to dry out a bit in the fall, changing playing conditions significantly. We all love the firm fairways for the long ball, but many of us struggle with firmer greens. With a firmer green, increasing your spin becomes more important. With the Frogger BrushPro golf brush, you can maximize your spin to hold more tight greens!

Once the course closes for winter, the driving range is the place to be. Rather than let your improvements of the season fade away by spring, keep fine tuning it in the offseason. Frogger has a range of training tools to keep your game in shape.

The Swing Hero helps train your swing starting with your grip. It encourages proper grip technique and tempo, a good reminder for golfers of any level! Lastly, the Arc Angel Putting Aid allows you to work on the most important part of your game and time of year. You can even practice your putting stroke in your home with easy set up!

Ultimately, the fall golf season is a fun opportunity to get your fix in before winter closes courses, and to make the improvements you have been striving for!