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5 Tips to Help Win Your Summer Golf Tournaments!

Gear up with Frogger’s Performance Apparel and Accessories for a Winning Advantage in Your Summer Golf Tournaments!

It’s that time of the season when golfers of all levels are preparing to compete in various golf tournaments. Whether you’re getting ready for the member-guest at your club or a charity scramble event at the local muni, everyone wants their game to peak at this time of year.

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of play. Let’s be honest, most of us golf enthusiasts will never be playing in front of the cameras. However, one of the great things about the sport is that we can compete in events as if we were. If you’re looking for an edge to win these fun events, here are five ways to improve your game!

1. Manage course strategy

Course management is an essential part of the game that is often overlooked. Whether you are familiar with the course or not, be intentional about planning out your shots. Try setting specific targets on the course (aim small, miss small). The answer may not always be to pull out the big stick and hope for the best, or trying to pull off the hero shot. There is a time and place for those of course, but you need to know when. With more on the line than your usual rounds, there may be times to play it safe with a punch out or lay-up. I know that doesn’t sound as fun, but your scorecard will thank you!

2. Focus on short game

The tournament could easily come down to making or missing a putt. Get a feel of the greens if you aren’t accustomed to the course. Many courses will increase the speed of their greens before a big tournament, so be aware! On and around the greens is where scoring is done. Take some extra time to refine your chipping and putting, and develop a set routine. This is the easiest way to shave strokes off your score!

3. Make sure you have the proper tools

It’s likely that most of these golf tournaments don’t come with a caddy, so that leaves some tasks up to us. Keeping your clubs clean and dry is crucial when competing at any level. Optimizing spin will help your chipping and approach shots, leading to more manageable putts. Keep your grooves fresh with the Frogger BrushPro with latch-it technology, making it a breeze to clean. Good weather isn’t a guarantee during your tournament, so be prepared for a rainy day with the amphibian towel and ball towel. For optimal functionality, latch all your equipment onto the Hybrid Golf Stand Bag using the built in catch-latch receivers. The additional accessory attachment keyrings keep all your tools and towels organized and easy to access. Using the right tools and streamlining them on your bag will help you focus on your game!

4. Maintain a positive mindset

In tournament golf, it’s important to not let yourself get too high or low. Each round has its ups and downs, so you can’t overreact to either. Don’t let yourself start counting your score too soon or implode after a bad hole. The only consistent thing in golf is inconsistency. As frustrating as the game can be, it isn’t that serious! Most of us aren’t good enough to get too angry. No one wants the playing partner that throws clubs and brings the mood down. If you have the mindset that you’re there to have fun, good things will happen.

5. Look and feel your best to play your best!

Tournament golf means extra-long rounds in the summer heat. Sweaty, restrictive clothing can become an issue very quick and ruin a round. Frogger’s Fly Dry golf shirts are stylish and functional. Not only do they help you stay cool and dry but allow you to swing freely! The added sense of comfort will empower you to focus on your game with no annoying distractions. Coming in six stylish colors, you can color coordinate with your playing partner, or stand out!

Frogger Golf Fly Dry Ball Cap On The Golf course