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Improve your game management with Frogger Golf’s innovative line of golf accessories

Golf is a game of consistency. Being able to repeat the same shot over and over is absolutely key to lowering your scores (and your handicap!). There are innumerable articles about different drills you can do to improve ball striking and maximize your chances at consistent impact. However, one of the biggest things that golfers seem to miss in their attempts to improve is the preparation that needs to go into every shot before the ball is even hit. If you watch the PGA Tour, you’ll see that every golfer uses the exact same pre-shot routine to get ready to hit the ball. We certainly recommend establishing a pre-shot routine. This article though focuses on what we’re calling the “pre-pre-shot” routine. Following this advice will make sure you’re ready for every shot.

Keep your grooves and club faces clean:
Stop cleaning your clubs with tees and golf towels that you stole from the clubhouse bathroom. Get yourself an award-winning golf brush and groove cleaner and destroy the dirt on your club faces with ease. Packed with features, Frogger thought of everything you might need in a brush. The flip-out groove cleaner digs deep to remove unwanted dirt in grooves to improve ball-striking. The brush also includes two different types of brush heads: a nylon and metal combo for more stubborn debris on clubs and a 100% nylon brush head for forged golf clubs. When you hit each shot with a clean club face, you’ll generate a higher spin rate so your ball will hold the green better.

Keep your golf grips dry:

Even a tiny bit of moisture on your grips can make a difference at impact. We’ve created a golf towel that stays wet on the inside and dry on the outside, so golfers can keep their club faces shiny and their grips bone-dry for maximum feel at impact. The innovative microfiber design makes sure the towel dries easily so you can give your grips a quick wipe before every shot.

Keep your stuff organized:

The Frogger Function Hybrid Stand Bag was rated #1 in storage by MyGolfSpy for a reason: because we believe storage is incredibly important in golf. When your golf bag is organized and your gear is secure, you will feel better about your game. Knowing where everything is and being able to access all your favorite accessories easily is absolutely key to lowering your scores.

The same goes with your pockets! Make sure you have a selection of the right sized golf tees for every shot, and a combo ball marker and divot repair tool that won’t crowd your pockets. These small preparations will make you more prepared and lead to better shots and more consistency on the course.

Chime in!

Do you have any advice to offer based on your “pre-pre-shot” routines? Comment with it below or reach out to us @froggergolf on social media!


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