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Golf Tips: Rain Golf

Just the PGA Tour’s luck. Three of its California events this year — at San Diego, Pebble Beach and Los Angeles — have experienced rain delays. Of course, Tour pros are well-stocked with gear to handle their game during a downpour. But are you? It’s important to arrive at the course prepared, in the event the weather takes a sudden turn. Bring these:

  1. A waterproof rain suit — both jacket and pants. They’re extremely lightweight and thin, so you can roll them up and tuck them into a side pocket. Make sure yours is also wind-resistant. Sealed-seam and internal pockets are nice, too, to protect your smartphone and wallet from moisture.
  2. A good towel, preferably a microfiber model that can hold plenty of water while being able to wipe your club grips dry.
  3. Extra gloves. Switch yours whenever the one on your hand is soaked. There are models out there that actually get tackier, the more damp they are. They make an amazing difference in your game, too, as you can still take a full swing wearing them without having the club slip.
  4. A club hood. In fact, your bag probably came with one tucked in the pocket. When it’s raining, use the hood. The drier your clubs are, the more pure your impact will be. Also keep your grooves clean. Attach a good brush to your golf bag to use after every shot — it’s a key item even when it’s dry and sunny outside.
  5. A large golf umbrella, of course!

Arm yourself with these, and your game will hold up the next time the weather doesn’t.