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Presidio2Golf etiquette seems to be a lost art these days.  If more players exercised good etiquette, we would all enjoy the game more and play faster!

One of the worst cases or lacks in golf etiquette is waving the group behind through.  Not enough do it, or even know about it.  Let’s discuss, shall we?

When to Wave a Group Through

If your group is falling behind the group in front of you while the group behind is constantly waiting for you, you’re likely playing a little slow.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of in this case.  It can happen and there are procedures and etiquette for dealing with the situation.

First and foremost try to pick up the pace, and catch up with the group in front.  If the group behind is still riding you and waiting too much, it’s time to give them the best wave in golf, asking them to play through and forge ahead.

Waving a group through is simple.  First you must catch their attention.  They’re likely looking closely, anxiously and possibly irritatedly waiting to hit.  When you have their attention, wave your arms in a “come on” fashion, indicating it is time for them to go through.  If they’re within shouting distance, give them a little shout too with something like “would you like to play through?”

The group behind should see this and wave back, and if they hear your call will yell back a thank you.

At that point it is time to move out of the way into a safe place and let them play through your group.  When the group behind is going by, a smile and a “have fun” will go a long way.  They should in turn say thanks.  In the event they’re too irritated, don’t sweat it.  You’re doing the right thing and they know it.


Remember, it is not embarrassing or shameful that you have to let a group play through.  It IS embarrassing and shameful to not let a group play through if you are playing too slow!