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Golf Gifts under $50

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  • Frogger golf rangefinder latch it attach rangefinders to golf carts and bags best golf accessories

    Rangefinder Latch-It

  • Frogger golf phone latch it attach phones to golf carts best golf accessories

    Phone Latch-It

  • Frogger Golf Latch It Receiver Strap Best Golf Accessories

    Golf Cart Latch-It Receiver Strap


Best Golf Gifts Under $50

Some of the best golf gifts are well thought out ones that don’t have to include a big price tag.  Frogger has a few products over $50, but delivering high quality innovative golf gear for under $50 is our true specialty.  When you gift Frogger Golf gear, you can do it with pride and the self satisfaction that they will bring both better enjoyment and performance on the golf course for your friends and family.

Golf Brushes

If you are looking for the ultimate in innovation and high quality in a golf brush or a best in class golf accessory gift for yourself or someone you care about, BrushPro and BrushPro Latch-It will surely deliver the wow factor you’re looking for.

Golf Towels

If a golf gift is what you’re looking for then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find the best golf towel to clean golf clubs, golf balls, or the best dry golf towel to use in the rain, you’ve found the golf towel leader in performance, high quality, and innovation.  Frogger golf towels make the perfect golf gift for those you care about who love playing golf.

Golf Accessories

Frogger’s Latch-It Ecosystem, powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology, was voted Best New Product at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show for it’s unique ability to attach, detach, and reconnect all your favorite golf accessories and gear to golf carts, push carts, golf bags, and even to your belt.  Easily manage and use your favorite golf towels, golf brushes, rangefinders, smartphones, and other golf gear necessities anywhere on the golf course and fasten them back securely and conveniently just the same.

Golf Clothing

Frogger’s Fly Dry clothing make the perfect gift for any golfer who enjoys high quality golf shirts and hats.  When a golfer wears Frogger clothing, they are in the “know” about sporting a brand completely geared toward making for a better and more enjoyable game for caddie-less golfers and not for just the Pro’s.  Frogger Fly Dry clothing sporting our iconic frog makes a great gift for friends and family any time of year!