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Golf Cart Covers

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Stay Dry

Are you an avid golfer who hates having deal with playing in the rain?  Do you end up using fleet golf carts at golf courses and wish there was a way you could easily attach a golf cart cover that worked on practically any two seat golf cart?  Leave it to Frogger to get golfers covered in golf carts and keep you dry in your golf cart when it is raining.

Universal Fit Cart Cover

Frogger’s Golf Cart Poncho is super lightweight and super compact making storage in your golf bag or the back of a car easy and convenient.  The Golf Cart Poncho is so small and compact, it is perfect for taking it with you for golf travel anywhere in the world.  Golf carts come in different sizes and shapes and that’s why we made the Golf Cart Poncho a universal fit for all golf carts with it’s six adjustable bungee cord straps.

Easy Install and Removal

When it begins to rain on the golf course, simply pull out the Golf Cart Poncho and you’ll have it attached to your golf cart in less than a minute.  Getting in and out of the golf cart with the Golf Cart Poncho is super easy, simply detach the hook on the rear wheel well.  If it stops raining for a while, the doors roll up out of the way for inclement weather play.

Golf Gifts

If you are looking for a portable golf cart cover, the Golf Cart Poncho is the best golf cart cover you can buy and makes a great gift for the golfer in your life as well.


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