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  • SPECIAL! latch-it-set

    Latch-It Set

    $47.90 $37.95

    The Latch-It set includes TRAX Towel and BrushPro, two products that feature the Frogger Bag Latch-It. Powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology, Latch-It allows you to securely fasten, detach and reconnect your towel and brush to your golf bag for convenient access anywhere. TRAX Towel is a premium, absorbent microfiber waffle towel strong enough to clean clubs and safe enough to use on glasses. BrushPro features combo bristles, a fold-out groove cleaner and ergonomic handle to clean clubs like no other brush. Save 15% on this magnetic bundle!

  • SPECIAL! BrushPro Plus

    BrushPro Plus

    $24.90 $22.95

    Clean Your Clubs and Shoes

    The innovative BrushPro Plus keeps golf clubs and grooves clean like no other brush in the market, putting bite back in your shots for more spin and shot control. The innovative design features revolutionary combo bristles that are hard on dirt and grass but easy on golf clubs, while the groove cleaner extends to safely remove debris. The golf shoe cleaning attachment removes stubborn dirt, grass and finer debris from cleats.

  • SPECIAL! amphibian towel plus

    Amphibian Towel Plus

    5.00 out of 5
    $41.90 $37.95

    Clean Golf Clubs & Golf Balls – Keep Grips Dry

    The 2-in-1, dual folded Amphibian design provides wet and dry areas separated by a water proof membrane for enhanced functionality. Clean your golf clubs and keep your hands and grips dry with the Award Wining Amphibian Golf Towel. To complement your accessories, the Amphibian Ball Towel fits in your pocket or attaches to your belt, and is the fastest and easiest way to clean your golf ball at the green.

  • SPECIAL! FroggerComplete_Black_686x686

    Frogger Complete Set

    $59.85 $49.75

    Save $10 on the Frogger Complete Set that includes everything you need to pamper your gear and improve your game. Keep your clubface and grooves clean with BrushPro. Clean and dry your clubs, hands and grips so you can hit it close, and enjoy the easiest way to clean your ball at the green with Amphibian Towels. Get more, spend less. Get Complete!

  • SPECIAL! FroggerUltimate_Black_686x686

    Frogger Ultimate Set

    $85.70 $69.50

    Save $16 with the Frogger Ultimate bundle, and get everything you need take care of your golf game from the range, to the tee, to the green. Keep your clubface and grooves clean with BrushPro Original. Clean and dry your clubs, hands, grips and golf ball with Amphibian golf towels. Stop fumbling around on the green with HOP! The ultimate savings for the Ultimate set of golf accessories.

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