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Swing Hero Plus Golf Training Aid Set

Product details

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Swing Hero Golf Training Aid

Lighter grip. More distance

Free your swing! Increase distance and accuracy by learning to swing with a lighter grip quickly and easily with Swing Hero.

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BrushPro Original Golf Brush

Get the brush that does it all

BrushPro is the best golf brush ever made, with a retractable cord, better brush heads and a fold-out groove cleaner to keep your irons clean.

Backed by the Frogger Warranty.
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Fix your game. Keep it sharp.

With a more complete swing and cleaner golf clubs, you’ll be amazed at how much more control and accuracy you’ll have on the course.

BrushPro attachment
Retractable cord
2 ounces
Brush head #1
Exterior nylon interior phosphorous bronze
Brush head #2
100% Nylon
Groove cleaner
Phosphorous bronze

Product details

  • Compact device that slips snugly on the end of your club
  • Works with any size club grip (will be tighter fit on bigger grips)
  • Promotes proper address position and light grip pressure
  • Increases your swing range of motion by eliminating tension
  • Superior interior phosphorous bronze and exterior nylon combo bristles
  • Bristles won’t snag clubs, towels or fingers
  • Fold out groove cleaner
  • Snap back cord retractor keeps BrushPro handy for use

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Better brush heads
Our patented nylon and phosphorous bronze brush head is hard on dirt but easy on clubs and fingers. Also included is a 100% nylon brush for forged clubs.
Retractable cord
No more bending down or digging through pockets to find your brush - our 2.5 foot retractable cord attaches to your bag so your BrushPro is always handy.
Compact size stores easily, includes a carry bag
Lightweight storage lets golfers store the Swing Hero in their bags when not in use. 
Instructional Swing DVD by PGA Pro Kris Moe
PGA professional instructor Kris Moe guides you through the proper drills and techniques to get your swing back on plane. 

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