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Frogger Function Bag + Latch-It Ecosystem Bundle

Product Details

$280.75 $247.58

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Function Hybrid Golf Stand Bag

Gear management redefined

This PGA Merchandise Show "Best New Product" award winner is the optimum lightweight hub for managing all your gear with the integrated Latch-it Ecosystem.

Blue/BlackCharcoal/BlackGreen/BlackGrey/BlackRed Black

TRAX Golf Towel

Secure waffle towels unleashed

Latch-it technology lets you easily take the TRAX towel with you anywhere on the course, and the microfiber waffle design cleans deep and is non-abrasive.

Blue/BlackGreen/AmaranthGrey/BlackLime Green/BlackOrange/BlackRed Black

BrushPro Latch-It Golf Brush

World's best brush unleashed

World's best golf brush now includes award-winning magnetic Latch-it fastening technology to securely attach and detach BrushPro fast.

Backed by the Frogger Warranty.
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Gear management redefined

Bundle and save big on our entire Latch-It Ecosystem! Includes Function Hybrid Stand Bag, Rangefinder Latch-It, Phone Latch-It, TRAX towel, and BrushPro Latch-It.

Bag height
Bag side pocket to side pocket
Bag front to back
Bag weight
4.9 lbs.
Fits rangefinder sizes
9.5" max circumference
12.5" strap
Phone Latch-It fit's phone sizes
4.7″ to 6.23″ High
Up to 3.07″ Wide
Up to 0.45″ Thick

Product Details

  • Includes 1x Function Hybrid Stand Bag, 1x Rangefinder Latch-It, 1x Phone Latch-It, 1x BrushPro Latch-It, 1x TRAX towel
  • Bundle and save on Frogger favorites
  • Attach your essential tools right to the side of your bag for supreme convenience.
  • Motion sensing dynamic lock keeps items secure even in bumpy “off road like” conditions
  • PGA Merchandise Show “Best New Product”
  • Record your golf swing with Phone Latch-It!
  • See photos for different colors of items
Superior cleaning power
Waffle construction allows TRAX towel to deep clean clubs, balls, shoes, and anything else that gets dirty on the golf course.
Better brush heads
Our patented nylon and phosphorous bronze brush head is hard on dirt but easy on clubs and fingers. Also included is a 100% nylon brush for forged clubs.
Low profile
Maintain the full use of phone buttons and functions with slim, fuss-free holder. Phone Latch-It stretches for easy removal and provides added security in case of drops.
Fuss-free straps
Maintain the full use of rangefinder buttons and functions with slim, fuss-free velcro straps. Dial in your distances with ease.
Part of the Latch-It Ecosystem

Latch-It is a revolutionary, universally interchangeable gear management system that allows golfers to instantly attach and detach important devices and accessories (rangefinder, smartphone, towel or brush) to a golf cart, push cart, golf bag or belt.

Three-stage security
With the Latch-It Ecosystem, quickly and easily secure your gear so you can stay on the move while on the course. All Latch-It products feature the following 3-stages of security:
Quick-draw release
Must pull straight out with 3+ lbs of pressure to release your gear
Motion-sensing dynamic lock
Heavier items pivot and lock dongles automatically to handle off-road-like conditions
Exterior roto lock
Turn roto lock 180° until it clicks into locked position to prevent removal from receiver
The magic is in the magnets
Latch-It Ecosystem, powered by Catch Latch, features the most sophisticated, secure and convenient fastening technology on the golf market. Male dongles self-align and magnetically connect with the receiver. Featuring an interior motion sensing dynamic lock, and an additional external roto lock, we thought of everything to make sure you don't lose your gear when not in use.
Only a caddie would be more helpful
Every Latch-It receiver can secure any Latch-It product. No matter your style of play, let Latch-It give you access to all of your on-course essentials.


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