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Ultimate Golf Accessories Set

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BrushPro Original Golf Brush



Amphibian Golf Towel


BlackBlueOrange BlackPatriotPinkRed

Amphibian Golf Ball Towel


$11.95 $9.69

HOP! Golf Green Repair Tool


$14.95 $12.12

Green Monsters™ 2 ¾” Bamboo Golf Tees


$5.95 $4.83

Green Monsters™ 1 ⅛” Bamboo Golf Tees


$4.95 $4.01
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Save $16 with the Frogger Ultimate bundle, and get everything you need take care of your golf game from the range, to the tee, to the green. Keep your clubface and grooves clean with BrushPro Original. Clean and dry your clubs, hands, grips and golf ball with Amphibian golf towels. Stop fumbling around on the green with HOP! The ultimate savings for the Ultimate set of golf accessories.

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  • Includes BrushPro Original, Amphibian Towel and Amphibian Ball Towel
  • Also includes HOP! Repair Tool and Green Monsters 2 ¾” and 1 ⅛” Tees
  • Superior interior phosphorous bronze and exterior nylon BrushPro bristles
  • 100% nylon brush head included for forged clubs
  • Ergonomic comfort fit brush handle for faster, easier cleaning
  • Double the surface area, Amphibian is two towels in one
  • 100% polyester terry inside, soft 100% woven cotton outside towel
  • Waterproof membrane keeps wet and dry towel layers separate
  • Ergonomic cast alloy HOP! repair tool frame fixes ball marks fast
  • Six embedded magnets ensure the marker clings to the frame
  • Convenient slot securely stores the ball marker between rounds
  • Green Monsters 7x stronger than hardwood tees

  • BrushPro attaches to your bag via the triangular loop on the retractor. Frogger is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Push BrushPro groove cleaner slider to fold out the metal tip. Push tip through grooves to remove embedded dirt and debris.
  • On dry days wet the inside of Amphibian Towel to clean clubs and use the dry exterior to dry your clubface, hands and grips.
  • On wet days use Amphibian Towel like an umbrella by allowing the outside to get wet while using the dry interior to dry your clubface, hands and grips.
  • Wet the inside layer of Amphibian Ball Towel to clean your golf ball at the green and use the dry exterior to keep your hands dry.
  • To dry Amphibian Towels turn the wet interior inside out and attach to your golf bag.
  • Wash Amphibian Towels before initial use. Detach carabineer clip before laundering. After washing reverse inside out and hang to dry.
  • Drop the marker and HOP! frame in your pocket and they attract.


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