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BrushPro Plus

BrushPro Plus Golf Brush

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BrushPro Original Golf Brush



BrushPro Two-In-One Shoe Cleaner


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Clean Your Clubs and Shoes

The innovative BrushPro Plus keeps golf clubs and grooves clean like no other brush in the market, putting bite back in your shots for more spin and shot control. The innovative design features revolutionary combo bristles that are hard on dirt and grass but easy on golf clubs, while the groove cleaner extends to safely remove debris. The golf shoe cleaning attachment removes stubborn dirt, grass and finer debris from cleats.

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  • Superior interior phosphorous bronze and exterior nylon combo bristles for clubs
  • Bristles won’t snag clubs, towels or fingers
  • Fold out groove cleaner
  • 100% nylon brush head included for forged clubs
  • Shoe attachment with five prong scraper and wide brush cleans dirt and grass from cleats
  • Replacement brush and shoe heads available for order
  • Ergonomic comfort fit handle for faster, easier cleaning
  • Snap back cord retractor keeps BrushPro handy for use

  • Attach: BrushPro attaches to your bag via the triangular loop on the retractor. Frogger is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Groove Cleaner: Push slider to fold out the metal tip. Push tip through grooves to remove embedded dirt and debris.
  • Brush Head Replacement: Hold the brush in an upright position. Slide and snap the brush head out with your thumbs.
  • Shoe Cleaner: Hold brush in an upright position. Slide and snap the club brush out with your thumbs. Slide and snap the shoe brush into place.
  • Groove Cleaner replacement: Use new spring pin to push out old spring pin. Remove the used cleaner. Insert the new cleaner, align the holes and push the spring pin through.


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