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BrushPro Plus Golf Brush

Product details

$24.90 $22.90

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BrushPro Original Golf Brush

Get the brush that does it all

BrushPro is the best golf brush ever made, with a retractable cord, better brush heads and a fold-out groove cleaner to keep your irons clean.


BrushPro Two-In-One Shoe Cleaner

Compact, Dual Function Shoe Cleaner

Go ahead and rip it because BrushPro’s shoe cleaner gives you better traction when you swing. Use your BrushPro to clean both your clubs and shoes.

$6.95 $6.39

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Clean your clubs and shoes

BrushPro Plus keeps golf clubs and grooves clean, and the shoe cleaning attachment removes stubborn dirt, grass and debris from cleats.

Attachment type
Retractable cord
2 ounces
Brush head #1
Nylon and phosphorous bronze
Brush head #2
100% Nylon
Groove cleaner
Phosphorous bronze

Product details

  • Includes BrushPro Original Golf Brush and BrushPro Shoe Cleaner
  • BrushPro features a 2.5 foot retractable attachment cord, better brush heads and a fold-out groove cleaner
  • Five prong Shoe Cleaner removes dirt, mud and grass, while wide brush eliminates finer debris
  • Compact size for easy storage

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1 review for BrushPro Plus Golf Brush

  1. Doug Field

    I have mine on my bag and it works very nicely! Holds the brush in place as I am walking with the bag. I pull it off to clean the club and I go to put it back on and I just get it near the magnet and it pulls the Latch It connector right in. I am still learning about the tricks and benefits to the system but I like it!

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