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Gear up for the 2019 golf season!

With the Players Championship this weekend, it’s starting to feel like golf season is upon us. Hopefully if there’s snow on the ground where you live it’s starting to melt, and little patches of green are appearing in the fairways at your favorite track. If you’re somewhere warm, we’re jealous. Wherever you are, now is the perfect time to save on the best golf gear of 2019 before the season kicks into full swing. Here are some of the hottest towels, training aids, trends, and more that we’ve seen this season!

Trend: Magnetic Accessory Attachment.

At the PGA Merchandise show this year, we saw a few products that utilized magnets to hold important accessories to the sides of bags or carts. Being the trendsetters that we are at Frogger Golf, we’ve had this magnetic accessory attachment technology as part of our arsenal for some time. If you haven’t checked it out, the Latch-It Ecosystem is a fantastic way to manage your gear on the course. Not only does it save time, but with a couple less things to think about, you can put your focus where it should be: on your golf game. Easily attach and detach your rangefinder, phone, towel, and brush right to the side of your bag or cart for easy and secure on-course access.

Training Aids: Putt for dough!

Too many of us common golfers focus on trying to increase distance off the tee, swing speed, and accuracy from 100+ yards. In reality, what’s really going to make you money in the weekend games with your friends is being able to get up and down. Anyone can smack it around and make it down around the green in a few shots, but can everyone sink that 10-footer to save par or bogey and tie the hole? Absolutely not. Working on your short game is the #1 best way to shoot lower scores, and there’s no better tool for hitting better putts then the Frogger Golf Arc Angel Putting Aid. Use it on the putting green, or even at home on the carpet. This tool locks in a perfect putter swing path for any golfer and improves consistency, feel, and distance control for every putt.

Respect your clubs: Best Golf Towels and Brushes 2019

Ever hear the saying “Look good, feel good, play good”? We thought so. Turns out, this saying doesn’t just apply to the clothes you wear. Equally important to looking sharp on the course is making sure your clubs are in the best condition they can be in before and after every shot. Having clean clubs will not only produce more consistent contact, but also give you more confidence over every shot. Why buy a cheap golf brush that you know will break after a few rounds when you can get the best golf brush in the game for the same price? The same goes for towels! Stop stealing hand towels from the clubhouse bathrooms and get a golf towel that provides a caddy-clean experience for every shot. Frogger Golf brushes and towels destroy dirt from club faces and grooves, allowing golfers to hit more of those purely struck irons. And what’s better than a flushed iron shot? Nothing, nothing at all.