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Winter Indoor Golf Training Aid Drills 2019

Winter Golf Drills 2019

If there’s snow on the ground where you are (or even if there’s not), that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your game sharp and beat all your friends when the course finally opens. With Frogger’s Swing Hero and Arc Angel training aids and a couple common household items you can improve your golf game without leaving home. If you have a carpet or rug somewhere in your house, these drills are great to practice your feel and distance control on putts, chips, and full shots.

Impact drill:

Take a couch cushion and put it up against the back of a couch or chair. Slide the Frogger Swing Hero onto your club and make swings at half speed. No need for a ball with this drill. Just focus on takeaway, getting the club inside on the downswing, and getting your weight onto your front side at impact.

Short chips on the rug drill:

One of the hardest shots for amateurs to pull off is the 6 – 10 foot chip. You’re short sided just off the green, and you need to pop the ball about 2 – 3 feet and have it run out to the pin. This is one of the easiest places to either skull it over the green or chunk it and leave it in the rough.

Take the Frogger Arc Angel and set it up about 18 inches behind where you would place the ball. With the lightest grip-pressure you can, focus on taking the club back extra slow, to the point where it’s just about to touch the alignment stick. Then, be sure to accelerate through the shot and turn your hips to the target as you hit the chip. This is an impact drill. You’re going to hit some bad ones, but with some consistent practice you’ll learn to make more consistent impact.

Putting impact and feel drill:

Use the Frogger Arc Angel training aid for its intended purpose on the carpet or rug in your home. Although the speed may not simulate being on an actual golf green, you can focus on impact and a light grip pressure. Remember to always take it back slow and accelerate through the putt. Test lifting the putter just slightly off the ground before the takeaway. This method allows you to lighten your grip pressure even more before the stroke. Also, experiment with forward press, as this can help you give the ball a better roll off the clubface. For every couple putts you hit with the Arc Angel, hit a few without it, and you’ll lock in that feeling of an on-plane swing.

Having the proper training aids is essential to improving your game. Check out the Swing Hero, Arc Angel, and Alignment sticks from frogger here: Frogger Training Aids


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