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A lot of golfers struggle to find the ball flight they want. We at Frogger Golf wanted to pass down a tip given to us by a very wise golfer some time ago.

Instead of focusing on good contact of the entire ball, we always pick an exact spot on the bottom inside corner of the ball that we want to hit. To practice this, place the ball on the tee with the logo in that bottom inside corner as shown in the above photo. When you swing, focus on two things; tempo, and hitting that spot.

This drill is designed to help you create a nice inside/out swing allowing for more consistency, and a more penetrating ball flight. If you struggle with coming over the top, or if you find yourself hitting a lot of cuts when you want to be hitting draws, try this drill. When you start, go to the range and just do it off a tee. Eventually, you will start to imagine that spot on every single shot (this does not apply to putts!). In the fairway just picture that logo on the bottom inside corner of the ball and swing right to it.

We swear by this drill, so let us know if it works for you! For more tips from the Frogger Blogger check us out on


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