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Aim High and Long: Golf Tips

Too often during a round we see golfers hitting shots that leave the ball short of the green or the hole. We at Frogger wanted to share a piece of advice given to us from a golf coach too many years ago to remember: Aim high and long. The ball won’t go in if you don’t get it to the hole.

This tip can work on anything from putts to chips to drives. Around or on the green, pick a spot a foot to 18 inches behind the ball that you know if you get the putt/chip to that spot it will pass right over the hole. This lets you think more about getting the ball rolling by the hole at the proper speed, rather than just giving it enough to “die in.”

When you roll the ball at the proper speed, there is less chance of small bumps and blades of grass on the green knocking your putt off line. To practice this drill, line up a straight 5-foot putt or a straight chip and place a tee a foot and a half behind the hole. Hit shots where you focus on the tee as the point where you want the ball to stop. Out on the course just visualize a tee right at that foot-behind-the-hole point!

From the fairway, add 3 yards to your distance from the pin, and pick a target above the flagstick to aim at. (tree, building, mound behind the green) When you hit your shot think “I’m going to carry this ball to that target.” This as well allows you to visualize the ball getting to the hole. Pin high is never bad, and seeing that high and long spot will allow you to solidify the habit of getting the ball to the hole, instead of just rolling it up there.

On your drives utilize basically the same philosophy but pick a spot that you know you can’t get the ball to. Maybe it’s a tree 400 yards in the distance. Think “I’m going to land this ball right at the base of that tree,” but DON’T OVERSWING! Instead focus on the mechanics that make a golf ball go far: good body rotation, full backswing, still through the shot, and complete follow-through.

This method has worked for us here at Frogger, and we’d love to hear if it works for you! Drop us a comment below and stay tuned for more tips from the Frogger Blogger!