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Golf Accessories: GPS Devices

Golf already can be difficult enough, on its own. Which is why carrying one of the latest GPS devices will help bring some fun to your game. Whether it’s knowing exact distances, planning ahead so you don’t need to walk across the fairway to your cart bag for a club, finding out how far you hit your tee shots, or knowing which club to hit in order to avoid the bunker ahead, these devices help you better master your game.

GPS units come in various forms — most are preloaded with every course map in the world. The standalone handheld unit, in most cases instantly recognizes the exact hole you’re on. It’s convenient to tuck into your pocket on the course, so it’s always with you. It typically displays hole maps, so you can see hazards and the green, to figure out a strategy. And its battery lasts two or three rounds.

There are also some smartphone apps that work very similar — usually with more vivid graphics — but will wear down your phone’s battery life.

The GPS watch is perhaps today’s most-popular form — primarily because it’s always on your wrist and doubles as a regular watch when you’re off the course. It also recognizes the hole you’re on, in many cases. In addition to showing distances, several may offer a basic green map on the small display.

Finally, tiny clip-on GPS units fasten to a belt or visor. Some even speak distances, at the push of a button.

Regardless of which type you choose, GPS units will at the very least better prepare you for each shot. Most likely, they’ll boost your enjoyment level on the entire course.