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Golf Games: Angel

golf_angel_purpleWe’ve covered many many golf games over the last couple of years.  There are a lot of games which involve a name like squirrel, camel, rabbit, barkie…  In those games, the last person to have say the camel (for going into a sand trap), owes the rest of the group a bet unit or frosty beverage.

Today we are going to cover perhaps one of the most embarrassing and tough games in the same vein as the previous games mentioned above.  This one doesn’t involve a shot though.  The “Angel” golf game is one which focuses on player behavior and specifically language.

A player receives the angel if he swears during the round.  He retains the angel until another player swears.  Then that person has the angel.  At the end of nine and/or 18 holes, the person who has the angel (last person to swear), owes the rest of the group a bet unit or perhaps a frosty beverage at the 19th hole.

Try it!