Friday Fun – The Dot Game

I play a “Dot” game every week with the same bunch of buddies.  The Dot game brings a lot of other games into one.  Some of these individual games I may have to cover on upcoming Friday Fun posts.

Games within the game, each worth a dot

In the Dot game, players compete on every hole for dots.  A dot is simply a mark on the scorecard next to a player’s score.  Each dot is worth a specific amount, like a quarter, dime or in our case a buck.

Dots are awarded for the following hole by hole games:

Skin – A player earns a dot by making a skin on a hole.
Greenie – A dot is awarded to the player who is closest to the pin, in regulation on every green (or perhaps par-3 only).  Player must validate by one or two-putting.
Sandy – If a player gets up and down for par or better from the sand, he/she earns a dot.
Bogey skin – To penalize the other hackers in the group, a player is awarded two dots if he makes a skin with a bogey.

Multiple dots per hole

It is possible for a person to make more than one dot per hole.  Let’s say that player-A is in the greenside bunker and gets up and down for par, while no other players shoot par or better.  Player-A then earns two dots: one for the sandy and one for the skin.

Another possible double-dot scenario would be where player-A hits an approach in tight, in regulation.  He then makes birdie, while no other players do.  Player-A earns a dot for the skin, as well as a dot for the greenie.

The Dot game can be fun, and confusing at the same time.  It is very important for the “dot keeper” to score the dots after every hole.  There is no way anyone will remember all of the dots in a round.