Frogger Alignment Sticks

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Get Tactical and efficient with your training.

Frogger Alignment Sticks

Frogger comes from the school of thought of “walk quietly and carry a big stick.” Alignments sticks are highly useful but shouldn’t evoke from others a “Hey, look at me, I’m really good,” message. Thus, Frogger Alignment sticks feature two inconspicuous black fiberglass rods that measure 40” each in length so they stick above your bag but not too much. They offer plenty of length to do any and all of what you could ever want to do with alignment sticks without being unnecessarily long.

Using alignment sticks in practice reduces time to align identical shots and ball placement, making your training more efficient. Alignment Sticks assist golfers of all skill levels from tour players to amateurs alike, making them a true asset in any golf bag.


  • Two 40” black fiberglass rods.
  • End caps on both ends, removable on one end each for placement in ground.

Use Frogger Alignment Sticks in a multitude of training exercises from Full Swing alignment, ball placement, Arc Angel putting drills, and short game drills. 

Full Swing Alignment and Ball Placement – Use one Alignment stick as a directional tool at the tip of golf shoes to set a consistent directional path.  Use the second alignment stick perpendicular to the directional alignment for consistent ball placement.

Arc Angel Putting Drills – Use Alignments sticks with Frogger’s Arc Angel to hone in your ideal swing plane, pendulum, and arc putter path no matter your height, stance, or putter type you use.  You will learn to feel the ideal putting stroke for your height and preferred set up to deliver a perfect and consistent putting stroke you can repeat when it counts.

Short Game Drills – Use Alignment sticks in a multitude of short game putting drills from sand traps, mid-range chip shots, to chipping around the green.  Alignments sticks can assist with open stance alignment, direction, and angle of club approach.